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Rams Mining Technology was founded in December 2011 and formally registered as a Private Company on 2013

Underground and Surface Services

o Blast Investigations and Blast Audits
o Explosives Control and Monitoring
o Up Hole Charging and Blasting
o Centralized Blasting Projects
o MCU multi skilled operators
o UV Full maintenance
o Emulsion bays design and implementation
o Mine Legal Compliance ( DMR requirements )
o Blasters ( Electronic and Shock tube )
o Drilling ( All surface commodities )
o Underground Emulsion Pump Maintenance and Application
o Chief Inspector of Explosives ( TTP,CTP )
o Responsible Person Explosives (CIE)
o Explosives Transportation
o Underground Explosives Magazine
– Design
– Implementation
– Risk Assesments
– Standard Procedures
– Daily Management
– Magazine Master provision
– Monthly Audits


o Coal
o Platinum
o Gold
o Manganese


We strive in youth development and empowerment, Skills development and transfer Ensuring that our social obligations are exceeded